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For details of our trips, click on the DATE links below (descriptions have not been completed for all vacations). 

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"Travel, ultimately, is an investment in memory. The experience is enjoyable, but it's the memories that we keep." —Jonathan B. Tourtellot


bulletApr 18-18: Jan and Huyen plan to visit the Netherlands, after an absence of more than 2 years. We'll fly Delta Business Class using Virgin Atlantic points and will be staying at AirBnbs in Vlissingen and Gouda. We'll even be there for King's Day (April 27)
bulletFeb 19-25: Sofia's mid-winter break vacation was time for a family road trip. This time to Arcata, CA where we visited the Redwoods, including the Avenue of the Giants. Fun but a long drive from Seattle.


bullet Oct 19-27: Jan and Huyen made their first international flight in 2 years, visiting Cartagena, Colombia. We flew Delta to New York on miles, then a paid business class ticket on Delta to Bogota, followed by a flight on Avianca to Cartagena (using Lifemiles). The return flight was in reverse though we upgraded the New York to Seattle flight to First Class using certificates. In Cartagena we stayed at a Hilton Resort on points.
bullet May 1-5: Jan and Huyen visited Chicago, flying Delta, staying at the Radisson Blue Aqua Hotel. We were upgraded to 1st Class on the return flight.
bulletJune  5-10: Jan and Huyen visited the Tampa Bay area flying Delta. Besides Tampa and Ybor City, we visited Ft. Myers, Sarasota. St. Petersburg and Clearwater Beach. We were upgraded to 1st Class on both flights (one using an upgrade certificate). All in all, we had a great time.
bulletJune 19-24: Jan, Huyen and Sofia planned a road trip to Glacier National Park in Montana but didn't make it beyond Spokane because of an illness (not Covid!)
bulletAug 1-5: Jan and Sofia visited Fairbanks, Alaska flying Delta. We were upgraded both ways.
bullet Oct 20-27: Jan and Huyen plan to visit Cartagena, Colombia
bulletFeb 9-16: Jan and Huyen plan to visit The Netherlands.


bulletOct 18-24: Jan and Huyen visited several National Parks in Utah. Absolutely beautiful. Check out videos Huyen made:
bulletSaint George
bulletZion National Park
bullet Valley of Fire State Park
bulletAug 23-24: Road trip to the Oregon Coast. Video: Westport, Seaside and Cannon Beach
bulletJuly 5-13: Road trip to Los Angeles. More videos:
bulletLos Angeles
bulletForestiere Underground Gardens
bulletNapa Valley
bullet Terwilliger Hot Springs
bulletFeb 16-21: Our mid-winter break brought Sofia, Huyen and Jan to Tucson, Arizona flying Delta using Delta miles.
bulletJan 8-16: Jan and Huyen visited Florida flying Delta using Delta miles. We first stayed in Miami Beach, then cruised to the Bahamas. The weather was very nice!



Nov 21-27: Jan flew one last time to The Netherlands this year to attend a reunion of his High School. He used Virgin Atlantic miles for this trip, flying Delta One on the outbound, Delta Comfort+ class on the return.


Nov 6-15: Jan used the second leg of his Cathay Pacific New Year's Day Business Class mistake fare ticket this week. Jan and Huyen, who left for Vietnam a few weeks earlier to visit family, flew back together to Seattle on Asiana Airlines (Smartium Business class, Huyen using Asiana miles, Jan using United miles).


Oct 30-31: Jan visited Portland flying Alaska Air First Class using coupons that were about to expire. Jan made Alaska MVP status.


Sep 8-12: Jan visited Colombo, Sri Lanka flying Qatar Airways's new Qsuites using American Airlines miles. From Colombo he flew to Hanoi in Singapore Airlines Business Class using transferred Citi Thank You points. The return from Hanoi to Vancouver, BC was on Cathay Pacific using the famous New Year's Day Business Class mistake fare.


Aug 10-21: Jan flew Delta and KLM to Kaapstad, Zuid-Afrika in Business Class on a discounted Expedia ticket earning 30K Delta MQMs.


July 22-Aug 5: Jan and Sofia visited family in Vlissingen (The Netherlands) flying British Airways Business class on a 747 jumbo jet.


May 10-22: Jan and Huyen visited Istanbul, Nice and Amsterdam flying Aer Lingus, Turkish Airlines and Air Canada Business Class using United miles.


Apr 4-11: Jan and Huyen visited the family in Vlissingen and Velden (The Netherlands) flying Delta One Business Class using Delta miles. They also saw his friends Wiebe and Bea in Haarlem and visited the Keukenhof.


Mar 8-14: Jan and Huyen visited Lisbon (Portugal) including a one night stay in Paris. It was a great trip.


Feb 16-21: Jan, Huyen and Sofia visited Puerto Rico for our mid-winter break using Delta miles. We'll be staying at the Embassy Suites, a Hilton resort. The weather wasn't as nice as expected though San Juan was very pleasant.


Jan 28-Feb 1: Jan did a mileage run to Santos, Brazil in AeroMexico Business Class, leaving from Vancouver CA, earning 20K Delta MQMs. Santos (near Sao Paulo) was surprisingly pleasant.


Jan 8-18: Jan and Huyen visited Bali flying Cathay Pacific Business Class using American Airlines miles. They stayed at the Stones Hotel - Legian using a Marriott Travel Package.


bulletDec 8-10: Jan and Huyen visited Nashville Tennessee flying Alaska Airlines
bulletNov 4-7: Jan and Huyen visited Las Vegas flying Alaska, where we met Siegfried (from Siegfried and Roy) at the Mirage.
bulletOct 6-11: Jan and Huyen visited Kauai on Delta (Comfort+ class), using Delta miles. We stayed at the Koloa Landing Resort at Poipu using Marriott points. We did several excursions including a Helicopter Ride, our first.
bullet August 14-22: Jan and Huyen visited Buenos Aires, Argentina. August is Tango festival time in Buenos Aires. We flew AA Business Class using AA miles
bulletJuly 24-Aug 2: Jan and Sofia visited the family in The Netherlands flying Delta One Business Class using Virgin Atlantic miles.
bulletJune 1-8: Jan & Huyen visited Japan flying ANA 787-800 Business Class using Virgin Atlantic miles.
bulletMay 21-24: Jan and Huyen visited the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii. We were originally scheduled to visit the Kona coast on the big island using an Alaska Airlines sales fare but were able to change our ticket (travel waiver because of the Kilauea eruption).
bulletMay 5-11: Jan & Huyen visited Spain flying Iberia Business Class using Avios miles from Chicago to Madrid. We flew Alaska Airlines 1st Class to Chicago and back. Besides Madrid, we also visited Cordoba, Sevilla, Merida and Toledo.
bulletMarch 23-30: Jan visited Florence on Delta/Alitalia Business Class, visiting his second cousin Irina. Jan and Irina have the same great-grandfather, "oud opaatje".
bulletFeb 17-24: Jan, Huyen and Sofia cruised from Los Angeles to Mexico visiting Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. We flew United Basic Economy to Los Angeles and survived!
bulletJan 10-20: Jan and Huyen visited Hong Kong and Dubai flying Cathay Pacific Business Class using Alaska Miles. Among many other activities, we had High Tea at the Burj El Arab!


bulletDec 4-13: Jan and Huyen visited Tahiti. We flew Alaska Air First and Air Tahiti Nui Business Class using AA miles. It's strange to realize that Tahiti is about the same distance from Seattle as The Netherlands with only 2 hours time difference (in the winter)! We stayed in an over water bungalow on the island of Moorea.
bullet Oct 20-26: Jan and Huyen visited Milan, Italy flying AA. Jan used 4 SWU certificates from AA to upgrade to Business Class on both trans-Atlantic flights.
bulletSep 22-29: Jan visited his family in The Netherlands. He also secured another year of Delta Platinum Status with this trip.
bulletAug 13-31: Jan, Huyen and Minh flew to Vietnam, arriving in Hanoi and returning from Saigon. Sofia was with her mom during this period. We met Huyen's family and did some sight seeing.
bulletAug 9-11: Jan and Sofia flew to Flagstaff, AZ to meet tante Annemiek en oom Peter.
bulletMay 27-29: family road trip to Portland OR, meeting old friends.
bulletFeb 19-23: all four of us flew to Phoenix on AA for the mid-winter break. Using a combination of upgrade instruments, we all ended up in First Class on the outbound flight! We stayed at a lovely resort, the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak resort with an extensive, heated pool complex. We visited our old neighbors Trudy, Joe and Joseph and did a day trip excursion to the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
bullet Jan 10-20: Jan completed a very special trip: around the world in an A380, almost 30,000 miles. As if that is not special enough, he flew A380 Business Class ("Korean Air Prestige Class") from Los Angeles to Sydney (via Seoul, Delta miles), then Etihad First Apartments (thanks to AA miles), first from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi, then from Abu Dhabi to New York. The shower in the plane worked J The last leg JFK-YVR was in Cathay Pacific First Class (777).  In Australia, Jan visited his friend Wiebe.


bullet Dec 12-15: Jan visited Panama City flying American Airlines and made Executive Platinum Status for 2017. Jan rented a car and was able to visit the Caribbean side of the Panama canal, visiting the new, larger, locks.
bulletNov 6-11: Jan visited Borocay in the Philippines. He tried to use his Delta Global Upgrade Certificates, which has become more and more difficult. He got an upgrade to Delta One on the return flight only. He made Platinum status for 2017 but that is really not worth much anymore on Delta.
bulletOctober 8-14: Jan flew from Vancouver to Auckland (via LAX) on an Boeing 787 Dreamliner. From Auckland, he flew directly to Wellington, planning to take the Northern Explorer train back to Auckland the next day. Unfortunately, the train got cancelled that day so he flew back to Auckland where he explored the city and visited the Hobbiton movie set at Metameta.
bulletSept 14-15: Jan did one last mileage run on Delta to Charleston, South Carolina. As expected, Delta didn't upgrade Jan as a Diamond Elite to first class on the segments to and from Seattle, the ones that count! Bye Bye Delta.
bulletJuly 19-Aug.11: Jan and Sofia flew to The Netherlands for our annual leave, this time together with Huyen and Minh. This year, we just went 3 weeks. We visited Brugge, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Goes and more. The last week Huyen and Minh went to Prague and Munich while Jan and Sofia spent time with family. The special treat this year was that we all flew Delta One Business Class, both ways! We used AirBnB for a wonderful apartment in Vlissingen.
bulletJune 26-July 1: Jan and Huyen spent a romatic week in Paris, France.
bullet May 29-June 3: Jan visited Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia flying Japan Airlines and Malaysian Airlines, all business class. The segment Kuala Lumpur to Penang was by train. The flights Vancouver to Narita and back on Japan Airlines were in a 787 plane.
bullet Apr.9-12: Jan visited Sao Paulo, Brazil again. During his extended stop in Phoenix, he visited his previous neighbor Jojo and his parents. The flight Phoenix to Miami was delayed and Jan missed his connection to Sao Paulo. Luckily AA put him on the next flight in International First Class. The return flight through LAX was on a 787 airplane in Business Class using an AA SWU - a very positive experience with great sleep because of the better air quality.
bullet Mar.21-24: Jan visited Shanghai, China. His return flight routed through Hong Kong so that he could use a 72 hour Chinese transit visa.
bulletFeb. 13-18: Family trip to Houston. We visited a friend of Huyen first, then stayed at a rented beach house in Surfside Beach for a few days. The weather was great and we enjoyed our trip.
bullet Jan.26-29: Jan visited Sao Paulo, Brazil. All 4 segments of his trip were upgraded to business class using AA SWUs.


bulletDec.16-17: Jan did another mileage run to San Juan, PR in First Class, this time successfully completing the AA Challenge and earning Executive Platinum Status, which includes 8 System Wide Upgrade (SWU) certificates. No operational issues on this trip.
bulletDec.7-8: Jan flew to Omaha, NE on Delta to use his expiring regional upgrade certificates (RUCs). Not a mileage run because the Delta SkyPesos program has been gutted. He did earn 6,000 MQMs but won't be pursuing status in the future.
bullet Nov.15-18: Jan tried to do a crazy mileage run on American Airlines to complete an Executive Platinum challenge in one trip: 25,000 EQP before Dec.23, 2015. However, he only managed to do half the trip (24 hours) since his AA flight to San Francisco was diverted to Phoenix for lack of fuel (!!!) The wait at the Phoenix airport, locked up in a plane for several hours, with the prospect of another 24 hours inside a plane was just too much so he got out and flew home the next day. Earlier AA had managed to arrive late at the SJU airport (closing the door in Miami knowing that the plane was not going to leave anytime soon) which caused Jan to miss his connection to JFK. It was an operational disaster. After flying Delta, it was not a great experience. The good news is that AA refunded the flight segments I did not take after the diversion (about half the ticket price)
bullet Sep. 7-12: Jan had to fly to Spain to attend his dad's funeral. He found a last minute business class flight using United miles and was pleased with the way United handled several issues like a Lufthansa strike and planes with mechanical defects.
bulletAug.3-6: Jan and Huyen Dao made a romantic trip to Las Vegas, flying 1st Class and staying at the Palazzo Hotel.
bullet Jun.14-29: Jan and Sofia flew to Amsterdam for our annual leave to The Netherlands. We stayed in Spain for almost 2 weeks, visiting Opa Jan who was very sick. We returned almost a week early because the weather in The Netherlands was really bad and had to give up our Delta One seats on the return flight. Maybe next year :)
bulletApr. 7-16: Jan visited Saint Petersburg and Moscow. his arrival was delayed for about 8 hours due to another strike in France. Saint Petersburg is a most beautiful city. After Saint Petersburg, Jan took the Sapsam high speed train to Moscow, where he met his friend John M. They toured Moscow together for the next 3 days, then flew back together from Moscow to New York JFK in Delta One (the old Business Elite) thanks to a Delta Global Upgrade Certificate. Jan's flight from JFK to SEA was also delayed, 3 hours locked inside a plane, due to a Delta pilot error, but waiting in Delta One in a 75E plane wasn't bad at all.
bulletFeb. 13-19: Jan and Sofia flew to Houston to board the Carnival Magic from Galveston to Mexico for Sofia's mid-winter break vacation. Our segments to Houston (stops in PDX and SLC) were in First Class, Sofia's first time! She liked it.


bulletDec. 9-15: Jan made a road trip to Provo UT and Sun Valley ID for some skiing with his friend James M.
bulletNov. 28-Dec. 2: Jan paid another visit to Hong Kong where he hooked up with his friend John M. It was an exciting visit and both of us earned lots of miles. They flew back together in Business Elite thanks to a Delta Global Upgrade Certificate. For Jan, this concludes his points gathering on Delta airlines for now: he has enough for 2 years worth of Diamond Medallion!
bulletNov. 3-4: Jan did a Delta mileage run to Omaha.
bullet Oct. 20-21: Jan did a Delta mileage run to Portland (Maine)
bulletOct. 6-7: Jan did a Delta mileage run to Baltimore
bullet Sep. 20 -25: "guys" week on Kauai with David W. It was very hot and Jan got another sun burn from snorkeling! He should know better. David is a real animal when it comes to Mai Tais!
bulletSep. 7 - 11: Jan visited Hong Kong. Such a dynamic city! Jan also did a hike on Lamma Island, just like being in the jungle. Jan used two Global Upgrade Certificates for two wonderful flights in Business Elite (Delta's International 1st Class) and earned 26K MQMs in the process.
bulletJan reached Diamond Medallion status on Delta (until Jan. 31, 2016):
bullet Aug. 12-31: Flight to Berlin in Delta Business Elite for a 2.5 weeks exploration of Central Europe: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Highlights included the Brandenburger Tor, the old town in Prague ("just like Disneyland") and Budapest where Jan saw a performance of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and also got a nice tan in the Gellert Thermal bath.
bullet June 14 - Aug. 10: 8 week annual leave for Jan and Sofia to The Netherlands and Spain.
Besides the now usual visit to Opa in Spain (incl. a visit to Terra Mitica), Sofia attended 3 full time camps, an equestrian camp, Humanitas kinderkamp and a sailing camp. She also hosted her Belgian friends Yarne and Maike for a few days; they all had great summer fun on the beach.
bullet May 11- May 15: Jan visited the Dutch island St. Maarten in the Caribbean. Upgrades on the JFK to SXM and back flights but not on SEA to JFK and back segments. Jan enjoyed being blown away by the jet engines at SXM airport.
bullet Apr. 28-29: Jan did another Delta mileage run to Charlotte, NC: 3 upgrades and another 9724 MQMs.
bullet Apr. 19: Jan did a Delta mileage run to Orlando, FL: 4 upgrades to First Class and 9724 MQMs.  Double MQMs rock!
bullet Apr. 7-8: Jan did a Delta mileage run to Manchester, NH
bulletApr. 6-10: Sofia and her mother visited her friend Joseph L. in Phoenix, AZ.
bullet Mar. 24-25: Jan did a Delta mileage run to Charlotte, NC.
bullet Mar. 8-13: Jan traveled to the Kingdom of Bahrain to explore this island in the Persian Gulf, friendly to Westerners. He visited the "Tree of Life", the King's Camel farm and other interesting sites. Another 20,000 miles trip, including a segment on an Air France A380 on the upper deck (in coach!)
bullet Feb. 15-21: Winter break vacation for Jan and Sofia. First they took the Amtrak Coast Starlight train from Seattle to Burbank (CA), which has a movie theatre in the Parlour Car. Then they drove to Carlsbad, near San Diego, where they visited Legoland for 2 days. Sofia loved the Legoland hotel. Next they flew to New York (LaGuardia) for a short 2 days visit, staying with Jan's friend Peter F., then back to Seattle from JFK.
bullet Feb. 10-12: Jan flew to Philadelphia for a 1 day visit on United where he visited the dad of his friend Peter M. and, of course, the Liberty Bell. It was very cold in Philadelphia!
bullet Jan. 26-29: Jan traveled to South Beach, Miami and Key West, Florida. He did some snorkeling and biking in Key West. Got stuck in the Atlanta ice storm mess on the way back but made it home eventually.


bulletNovember 27 - December 31: Jan did a semi-backpacking trip to the S.E. Asia: Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, returning from Singapore to Seattle.
bulletNovember 5: Jan did a Delta mileage run to Minneapolis, testing Gold Medallion status (received 2 upgrades) and obtaining Platinum Medallion status on Delta until February 28, 2015.
bulletSeptember 20 - September 26: visit for Jan to Mumbai, India, which required 3 days travel (Seattle-Chicago-Amsterdam-Mumbai and v.v.) and 3 days in Mumbai. Great experience to visit Mumbai, even for just 3 days. Most Indian people were very friendly. This flight also got him Delta Gold Medallion status thanks to a status challenge from Delta Airlines! He flew over 20,000 miles on this trip.
bulletJune 15 - August 11: 8 week annual leave for Jan and Sofia to The Netherlands and Spain. Besides lots of amusement parks (Terra Mitica, Slagharen, Efteling) Sofia attended two full time children camps: the Humanitas Kinderkamp in Veere en het Land van Ny, as well as a day camp: Speelstad Vlissingen. She also biked a lot (get her own bike in Vlissingen), visited the beach, visited family and made new friends.  Jan was able to meet quite a few old acquaintances. More details to follow.
bulletApril 21 - May 6: 2 week visit Jan to The Netherlands to celebrate the coronation of their new king: Koning Willem-Alexander


bulletDecember 25 - January 7 (2013): 2 weeks visit to Vlissingen to celebrate 2nd Christmas Day, Oma Betty's birthday and New Year's Eve. We did visit Antwerpen but all got sick from the flue, Jan the worst.
bulletAugust 31 - September 21: Three-week visit for Jan to Bocas del Toro and Panama City, Panama, and to Mexico City, Mexico, where Jan visited his friend Adriaan.
bulletAugust 29 - September 3 : Long weekend visit for Sofia and her mother to stay with friends in Phoenix, Arizona.
bulletJune 14 -August 25: Eleven-week stay in Gibraltar, including a week-long stay with family in Venlo and Vlissingen, the Netherlands; visits in Spain to, among others, Málaga, Granada, Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Arcos de la Frontera, Ronda, Estepona, Sotogrande, Puerto Banus, Ceuta, and numerous white towns; a tour of Tangier and Tétouan, Morocco; and exploration of Tavira, Faro, and Cacela Velha, Portugal.


bulletDecember 2011: Eight-day Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Miracle with stops at Grand Turk (Turks and Caicos Islands), Dominican Republic (La Romana), Aruba, and Curaçao.
bulletJuly 2011:  Jan and Sofia spend three weeks visiting family in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.
bulletJune 2011: Two-week visit to Anadalucia, Spain, including one week traveling though Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla, Tarifa, Medina Sidonia, Ronda, Gibraltar,and Málaga, and one week staying in Torremolinos, for real summer weather; sightseeing of the region's history, art, architecture, and culture; and family fun at places such as Benalmádena's Tivoli World, Fuengirola's Bioparc (zoo), and Aqualand and the Crocodile Park in Torremolinos.
bulletMay 2011:  Long weekend of fun at Disneyland and warmth in the California sun!
bulletMarch 2011: Family weekend at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." Martin Buber


bulletOctober 2010: Two-week trip to Netherlands and Spain for Jan to visit family, including a road trip to Grenada, Córdoba, and La Linea on the Costa del Sol, and Gibraltar.
bulletSeptember 2010: Week-long RV trip to the Oregon Coast, with stops at Bandon and Newport, Oregon.
bulletAugust 2010: Family weekend trip to Moses Lake to enjoy sun and splashing at the Surf 'n Slide water park.
bulletJune 2010: Family trip to San Diego, California, including visits to SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego Wildlife Park, as well as the beaches of Del Mar and La Jolla and the lighthouse at Point Loma.
bulletApril 2010: Three-week trip to Vlissingen, the Netherlands, for Jan and Sofia to stay with family.
bulletJanuary 2010: Week-long cruise for Jan, Sofia and her mother on Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas along the Mexican Riviera, with stops in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. 

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness." Mark Twain


bulletOctober 2009: Jan takes a 10-day trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
bulletAugust 2009: Jan and Sofia visit Vlissingen, the Netherlands, for two and a half weeks.
bulletJuly 2009: Long family weekend in the Chateau op Wielen at the MarDon Resort on Potholes Reservoir in Eastern Washington.
bulletMay 2008: Family trip to Vlissingen, the Netherlands, to stay with family, attend the wedding of Jan's niece Christel and her new husband, Sjuul, in Venlo, and visit the Dutch theme park Efteling, the city of Maastricht, and Aachen, Germany. Jan and Sofia stayed about 20 days, during which Sofia attended morning preschool in Vlissingen.
bulletJanuary 2009: Week-long trip for Jan, Sofia and her mother to Honolulu, Hawaii, with a stay at the ResortQuest Waikiki Beach Hotel, hours on the beach, a drive around the island, and visits to the Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, Bishop Museum, Polynesian Cultural Center, and Sea Life Park.  


bulletJuly/August 2008: Week-long family trip to Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, including stays at  Deschutes River State Park and Cascade Locks, with visits to  Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum, Horsethief Lake State Park, Bonneville Lock and Dam visitor center, and Columbia Gorge sternwheeler
bulletMarch/April 2008: Family trip to Vlissingen, the Netherlands, to see family and play at the family resort Het Vennenbos. Jan and Sofia stayed a total of three weeks, during which Sofia attended morning preschool in Vlissingen.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." —St. Augustine


bulletNovember 2007: Week-long cruise for  Jan, Sofia and her mother on the Golden Princess along the Mexican Riviera, with stops in Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas.
bulletAugust 2007: Week-long family trip in the Chateau op Wielen to Farragut State Park and Silverwood Theme Park in northern Idaho for fun and family time.
bulletJuly 2007: Family trip to northern California for fun and visiting with friends. Sightseeing included Gilroy Gardens theme park, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and Big Basin Redwoods Park.
bulletMarch 2007:  Jan traveled to Vlissingen, The Netherlands, to spend a  week with his family while his mother was in the hospital.


bulletJuly 2006:  Family camping week to Fort Stevens State Park and Seaside on the Oregon Coast, and Seaquest State Park in Washington. 
bulletMay 2006:  Caribbean cruise on Carnival Valor with 18 family members from Holland, including stops at Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Isla Roatán, Honduras, Belize City, Belize, and Costa Maya, Mexico.
bulletFebruary-March 2006:  Family trip to Vlissingen, the Netherlands, to see family and celebrate Jan de Rie Senior's 75th birthday.

"There's a particular kind of affinity that occurs when traveling, a subconscious bonding to a foreign land that happens almost instinctually. (I've always believed it's hard to drop bombs on a place you have personally visited.)" Matthew Link


bulletAugust 2005:  Family camping week to the Oro Beach Resort on Lake Osoyoos in Eastern Washington. Also stayed for single nights at the Klipchuck campsite in the Okanogan National Forest near Winthrop and the Tumwater campground in the Wenatchee National Forest near Leavenworth.
bulletMay 2005:  Solo trip for Jan to attend a gymnasium (Latin and Greek high school) reunion and visit family in Vlissingen, The Netherlands.



bulletNovember-December 2004: Family trip to Vlissingen, the Netherlands, to introduce Sofia to her Dutch relatives, celebrate Lianne and Rob's 25th wedding anniversary, and celebrate Sinterklaas.
bulletJune-July 2004: Family camping vacation down the Oregon Coast, stopping at Fort Stevens, Cape Lookout, and Beverly Beach state parks. 


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust


bulletNovember 2003: Solo trip for Jan to visit family in Playa Albir, Spain, and  Vlissingen, The Netherlands.
bulletOctober 2003: Romantic vacation  to Maui, Hawaii
bulletAugust 2003: Cultural week in Chicago, Illinois.
bulletJune 2003: Scenic weekend drive through the Columbia River Gorge
bulletMarch 2003:  Romantic week in Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina
bulletMarch 2003: Solo trip for Jan to family in Vlissingen, The Netherlands.
bulletFebruary 2003:  Family ski week to Big Mountain, Montana.


"You must pray that the way be long, full of adventures and experiences." Constantine Peter Cavafy


bulletDecember 2002:  Family holiday trip to Vlissingen, The Netherlands, for New Year's.
bulletDecember 2002:  Long family weekend to Phoenix, Arizona, and the Grand Canyon.
bulletNovember 2002:  Adventure trip for Jan to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
bulletSeptember 2002: Weekend in Silicon Valley, Calif., to celebrate the wedding of Elisabeth Byström and Evan ten Brink. 
bulletSeptember 2002: Solo trip for Jan to family in Vlissingen, The Netherlands.
bulletAugust 2002:  Romantic week in Montréal and Québec City, Canada.
bulletAugust 2002:  Family day-trip to Mount St. Helens.
bulletAugust 2002: Solo trip for Jan to family in Vlissingen, The Netherlands.
bulletJuly 2002:  Family weekend chateauing at La Wis Wis campsite, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and hiking Silver Falls Trail from Ohanapecosh, Mt. Rainier National Park.
bulletJuly 2002: Long weekend for Jan to New York. 
bulletApril 2002: Family trip to San Antonio and Corpus Christi, Texas.
bulletMarch 2002: Week in Paris and the Loire Valley.
bulletJanuary 2002: Family ski weekend to Mt. Bachelor, Oregon.


"We strain to renew our capacity for wonder, to shock ourselves into astonishment once again." Shana Alexander


bulletNovember 2001: Solo trip home for Jan to Vlissingen, The Netherlands.
bulletOctober 2001: Cruise to the Western Caribbean on Grand Princess.
bulletAugust 2001: Family trip to Estes Park, Colorado, to visit Janice Ricker.
bulletMay 2001: Memorial Day weekend in New York.
bulletApril 2001:  Anniversary weekend to Vancouver, British Columbia.
bulletApril 2001: Family trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
bulletFebruary 2001: Solo trip home for Jan to Vlissingen, Netherlands, and Alicante, Spain.


"What you risk reveals what you value." Jeanette Winterson


bulletDecember 2000: Solo trip for Jan to Paris to visit Patrick Questembert.
bulletNovember 2000: Romantic weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
bulletNovember 2000: Solo car trip for Jan through the American Southwest.
bulletAugust 2000: Family sightseeing trip through the Netherlands.

June 2000: Honeymoon cruise throughout the Mediterranean (Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Florence, Capri, Pompeii, Venice, Athens, Ephesus, Istanbul).

bulletFebruary 2000: Family trip to Disney World, Clearwater Beach, Florida.
bulletFebruary 2000: Solo trip for Jan to the Philippines.


"It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves—in finding themselves." Andre Gidé


bulletNovember 1999: Adventure trip to Thailand.
bulletAugust 1999: Family car trip up the California and Oregon coast.
bulletJuly 1999: Family Fourth weekend to Las Vegas, Nevada.
bulletMarch 1999: Romantic trip to Paris.
bulletFebruary 1999:  Ski weekend to Fernie, British Columbia.


"The day shall not be up so soon as I, to try the fair adventure of tomorrow." William Shakespeare


bulletDecember 1998: Family visit to Vlissingen, Netherlands.
bulletAugust 1998: Romantic Labor Day weekend in San Francisco, California.
bulletJune 1998: Adventure trip to Singapore.
bulletMay 1998: Family trip to Disneyland, California.
bulletFebruary 1998: Romantic Princess cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.
bulletJanuary 1998: Solo trip for Jan to Eastern Africa.


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