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Fall 2003

Touchdown(s)!:  Cameron's flag football team, the Seahawks, closed out its eight-game season undefeated. Cameron's too small to be a good blocker, but he's fast and slippery, so every game he made at least one touchdown, plus he was great at running down the opposition and grabbing their flag. Since most of his team players were from his 6th-grade class, and his two coaches were also parents of classmates, it was a special, close-knit season. 

Aloha!:  For one last romantic trip without children, Jan and Amy spent a week on Maui in mid-October. We arose one morning at 3:00 AM to see a colorful sunrise on Haleakala, woke at 6:00 AM another morning to make the drive to Hana (and around the back side of the island), visited the lush Iao Valley, (Jan) snorkeled at Molokini, ate some wonderful sunset dinners in Lahaina, shopped at Whaler's Village in Kaanapali, and generally had lots of sunny day fun. We also managed to sneak in a few moments of just plain beach relaxationbut the visit was definitely too short!!

Farmer Jan:  In July, a Safeway tomato we had left sitting on the counter too long acquired the strange appearance of containing soon-to-escape alien life-forms.  Cutting it open revealed that it was sprouting from the inside!  Jan, not known for his gardening skills, planted the fruit in the backyard and carefully nurtured it with water and home-produced compost. As a result, we had a bumper crop of green tomatoes in late October, which, left to ripen in a closed paper bag, produced almost more lovely, red tomatoes than the family can eat.  Who would have guessed?! 

It's a girl!: An October 3rd ultrasound revealed that Baby O will be a girl (her "working name" is now "Olivia").  The ultrasound also determined that she is complete, healthy, and just the right size, and that Amy continues to be healthy.  We are so happy!

We are delighted by the news of a girl.  Jan will have a daughter to dote on, Cameron will have a little sister to look out for (he went with us to the ultrasound and was jumping up and down with excitement at the news), and a girl will be a new experience for Amy.

Next, we begin searching for a name (now that we've eliminated 50% of the possibilities), decorating her room, and gathering clothes (no pastels and no baby pink!). Most importantly, we'll try to continue what, so far, is a healthily progressing pregnancy.

Baby preparation: In anticipation of the necessity for a car that will hold a baby seat, Jan "retired" his street Porsche and purchased a new Hyundai Elantra GT. He'll tell anyone who will listen about the great price and the fabulous 10-year warrantee, but it is a nice little car: sporty and with all the comfortable amenities (and automatic transmission!). And the hatchback will be sure to come in handy when we need to cart around all that baby paraphernalia! (Jan also reports that the desire to drive fast is greatly reduced, decreasing his need to watch out for those hated speed traps.)

And yet more visitors:  Late in September, Jan's mom, Betty, and sister Monique visited for ten days. Besides visiting friends and seeing local sights, they spent Seattle's last sunny, 80-degree weekend of the year traveling the Cascade Loop with Jan in the Chateau op Wielen.

Loud (LOUD) music:  Cameron started trumpet lessons in early September. He enjoyed playing trumpet so much last year in the elementary band that he wanted to progress faster and play better, and he asked for lessons. He seems to have a talent for it. (He's continuing to take piano lessons, too.)

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