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Fall 2004

E-Bay expert: Jan is fast becoming an E-Bay expert by buying used oscilloscopes and transistor-curve tracers, repairing them in his electronics "lab" in the basement, and reselling them for profit. In the meantime, basement space is decreasing as Jan continues to find sales on broken equipment he "just can't pass up."

Sleep? What's that?:  On November 26th Amy, Jan, and Sofia left Seattle for Holland. We stayed through Saturday, December 4th, and during that time we greatly enjoyed Sofia's introduction to all her Dutch relatives: eight cousins, three aunts and uncles, her doting Oma, and even her Opa from Spain.  We were able to celebrate Rob and Lianne's 25th wedding anniversary at a big party in Venlo our first evening there and Sinterklaas with the family the following weekend. However, we did most of our visiting on the edge of exhaustion.  During each 10-hour plane ride, Sofia slept a total of 1 1/2 hours. (Upon disembarkation we received comments about "what a good baby" she was, but that just meant that we had worked really hard to keep her entertained.) And once we arrived in Holland, the combination of jet lag, new surroundings, and vacation stimulation prevented Sofia from sleeping any longer than a couple hours at a stretch until our seventh night!  Dreading another week of baby jet lag back in Seattle, we were greatly relieved and thankful when she resumed sleeping 10-11 hours her first night home in her own crib. Read more about our trip in Sofia's Album.

A-Okay!:  Cameron ended his first quarter of junior high with a 4.0 GPA (all A's).  

Making music: Cameron earned and successfully defended first chair (trumpet) in the 7th-grade Concert Band. As of November 8th, he also resumed trumpet lessons.

Go Steelers!:  Instead of the Seattle Seahawks this season, we rooted for the Steelers in this householdthe Juanita Steelers, that is, part of an Eastside youth football organization. Cameron was selected as starting quarterback, and because this was his first year in tackle (as opposed to flag) football, he had a steep learning curve (and many more night-time practices than previous sports teams had required). With many players new to tackle football, his team finished the season with a disappointing 4 wins and 5 losses, but Cameron's already looking forward to better ball next year. (See photos of Cameron's football season in his Album.)

On the move:  Sofia began crawling September 27th!  Quick!  Put up those gates and lock those drawers! (See what Sofia's UP to in her Album.)

New beginnings:  Cameron began 7th grade in junior high on August 30th. He's in the school's advanced placement program (which encompasses English, history, and science) and also studying algebra 1, concert band (he's 1st chair trumpet), and home economics (where he's having a great time baking and sewing).

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