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Spring 2004

Gershwin would be proud:  June 19th, Cameron participated in his third year-end piano recital.  He played (a modified version of) Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, a 9-page piece he practiced diligently for months. We were very proud that he played it for an audience not only with stamina (and chutzpa) but also with sensitive musical interpretation. (See more about Cameron's spring events in Cameron's Album.)

Easy as getting back on a bicycle:  Jan hadn't raced his Porsche since last August but did very well at the Portland Rose Cup, June 11-13. Saturday he won the Formula Libre, a handicap race of about 30 cars. Sunday he was 9th in the PCA sprint, again among a pack of 30. 

Four months old!: At Sofia's four-month doctor visit, she measured 14 lbs, 3 oz. (65th percentile) at a height of 25 5/8 inches (95th percentile). Her head is at the 35th percentile. She is physically healthy and developmentally right on schedule.  She objected strongly to her four immunization shots, but not for long.

Just a few days after her doctor appointment, she rolled over the first time from tummy to back!  She's also able to reach for and grasp toys and other objectsand they all go consistently into her mouth.  She is drooling non-stop and therefore wears a bib at all times; in fact, she wets through at least two a day. She likes sucking on a binky, but the middle fingers of either hand will also do just fine. Her current mode of communication involve lots of high-pitched squealing, screeching, and screaming. (Read and see more in Sofia's Album.)

Science gone mad:  Cameron spent two months on this year's May Science Fair, creating a Rube Goldberg project whose objective was to turn on a light bulb in no fewer than 12 steps. With friend Robby Ryan, he designed an intricate system of levers, pulleys, weights, tubes, dominoes, mini-cars, and electronics that covered a 12-ft by 4-ft board and reliably turned on the light at the end of the process.  It was a big hit among parents and students at the Fair.

Yet more visitors:  Jan's sister Monique and nine-year-old nephew Jasper visited from April 30th to May 8th. They attended  a Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) party, toured Cameron's school, bet on horse racing at Emerald Downs (Jasper left $25 richer), roller skated at a Bellevue rink, went Seattle sightseeing, and, of course, went shopping. Tante Monique also watched Sofia while Jan and Amy went to dinnerour first alone in several monthsto celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.  That night Monique gave Sofia her first bottle!

Sofia's first international visitors:  They might have come to see the new parents, but we know Jan's mother and sister Lianne really traveled all the way from Holland to hold Sofia.  They arrived March 19th, when Sofia was 7 weeks old, and over a week they visited a few Seattle sites and shopped. But mostly they spent their time with the newest family member. We enjoyed their company and appreciated the extra pairs of arms.

Trumpet triumph:  Cameron played a duet with his trumpet instructor, Ron Barrow, at a recital March 7th. He did a flawless job and received many compliments.

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