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Summer 2003

Breezing around the Windy City:  The last week of August, as Cameron spent time with Idaho relatives, Jan and Amy visited Chicago for four days. We really enjoyed ourselves, exploring the city's art, architecture, theater, jazz music, and food.  (Jan, who normally doesn't eat red meat, called our Chicago chateaubriand "spectacular!")

Big news in a small package:  The most important news we could possibly share: If everything goes well, we expect to increase our family by one in February 2004!  After an emotional and physical rollercoaster ride spanning the past three years, we feel incredibly blessed and wonderfully happy! Soon we'll be posting album pages for "Baby O" ("O" for potential and possibility)!

As of August 1st the fetus was nearly 12 weeks old and 5.5 cm long [below]. [In the ultrasound photo, the head is at left, but what looks like a "nose" is probably a hand held up to its face]. With this high-level ultrasound we were able to see not only the beating of the heart and all the fingers and toes, but even organs within the fetus, reassuring us that everything is in the right place and of the correct configuration. Although Amy could feel nothing, it bounced around weightlessly like an astronaut in its amniotic surroundings, happy as a jumping bean.

Yes, we do hope to find out the sex; with boxes (and boxes and boxes) of Cameron's old clothing and toys in the basement, we prefer to determine whether we're going to need their contents. We should be able to relay that news at about 20 weeksthe end of September. 

Summer fun at home:  While Amy took a week off to stay at home, we enjoyed a brief July visit from Jan's sister Annemiek and her family Peter, Jolien, Sjoerd, and Stijn [below with the R.V.]. They arrived (24 hours late after a British Airlines strike) on Monday afternoon, stayed for two days to recover from their jet lag, then left again in our Chateau op Wielen for a three-week tour of the western U.S. 

After the relatives left, Jan, Cameron and Amy spent the latter part of the week enjoying local entertainment: Wild Waves, the Pacific Science Center, and the 57th Annual Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games and Clan Gathering. 

Ultimate Fourth:  While daughters Amela and Lorraine played in a national Ultimate [Frisbee] competition nearby in Redmond, David, Jeanne, and Nicolai Williamson stayed with us over the 4th of July weekend. We had a great time, especially participating in the hour-long "war-zone light-off" with Cameron the night of the 4th.

GORGEous: At the end of June, while Cameron went camping with his dad, Jan and Amy took a three-day trip in the Chateau op Wielen along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. The scenery was beautiful, and carrying our "home" along with us was a lot of fun. 

WHOA, dude; slow down!:  Cameron's going to be busy this summer. He's slated for three weeks at the University of Washington's day camp, a week of Skyhawks flag football camp, a week of basketball camp, and a week of computer camp at the UW where he'll learn about multimedia and game creation. Add to that camping, the Washington Coast, a week with relatives in Idaho, the Pacific Science Center, the Aquariumand never leave out Wild Wavesand it's going to be "one rockin' summer, dude!"

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