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Summer 2006

You think YOU had a bad hair day!:

Sofia is the fashion victim of static electricity. To read her take on the word "no," see her Album.

Campin' and all that jazz: Cameron spent a week at the Burton Music Camp on Vashon Island in early August. He visited for jazz week, during which he played with large bands and small combos, and concentrated on jazz improvisation. He also took a beginning guitar workshop and enjoyed the guitar well enough to purchase an inexpensive one when he got home so he can continue learning. Cameron said the camp was a "blast" and reports wanting to return again next year.  (Read more about Cameron's summer camp experiences in his Album.)

Sweet dreams:  On July 29th, Sofia said goodbye to her crib and slept in a toddler bed for the first time. (The bed is about 5 inches off the floor and uses the mattress from her crib.) After climbing out of the bed once and being discovered at her door, she stayed under her cover and slept easily through the night. She calls it her "big girl bed" and is delighted with it in every way. (See Sofia's Album for a photo.)

New heights: On July 16th, Cameron finally measured taller than Amy! Amy cried ("He's not my baby anymore!"); Cameron reassured her that he'd always be her son. (Aaaaw.)

Seashore visit: July 23rd through 28th, the family took a trip in the Chateau op Wielen to the Oregon coast, specifically Fort Stevens State Park. We spent one day at the park's lake, one day at the ocean beach, and one day at nearby Seaside. There Sofia rode a seahorse on the town carousel, and we played in the sand, visited the charming Seaside Aquarium, and ate ice cream on the sidewalk. Our last night was spent in Washington at beautiful, forested Seaquest State Park. We toured the nearby Mount St. Helens visitor center and hiked through the woods. We are happy to report that Sofia was much easier to travel with this year than last summer; sleeping and eating were much less problematic, and she loved playing in the sand, water, dirt, and woods. (Read more about our trip and see photos in Cameron's Album and Sofia's Album.)

Love-love!: Cameron spent a week hitting balls at the Washington Tennis Camp in July. Although the camp was not sponsored by the University of Washington, the lessons took place at the indoor  Nordstrom Tennis Courts on the UW campus, and they were supervised by UW tennis coaches. Cameron practiced and played for 5 solid hours each day, and he reported having a great time and improving all his strokes considerably. He plans to play for the junior high tennis team in the fall.

Oh, say can you see...: Sofia attended her very first parade this July 4th. The family went to Bothell to watch the Main Street parade, starting with the kiddie parade of decorated bicycles and dogs. Sofia loved eating the small candies that participants threw to on-lookers. Then, while Jan went to a nearby tavern to watch World Cup soccer, Amy, Cameron, and Sofia watched most of the official July 4th parade [left]. Sofia's favorites were the fire engines and clowns. Cameron liked the collection of Corvettes. About 7:00, Sofia and Amy went to Cameron's dad's house, where Sofia saw her very first fireworks. She was afraid of the first one or two, but she was soon ooh-ing and ahh-ing with delight at the colored lights. (For more on July 4th, see Cameron's Album and Sofia's Album.)

Another summer smash (ouch!): The weekend of July 1st Jan went to Portland to race for a second time this year. Unfortunately, after promising practice and placement runs, a starting line collision damaged Jan's car enough that he was not able to participate in the actual race. With serious front and suspension injuries, the car is once again sidelined, but hopefully not for the entire season. 

End of a successful year: Cameron finished 8th grade on June 16th. With hard work, imagination and creativity, good attitude, and noticeably improved organizational skills, he maintained a 4.0 GPA all year. 

Rose Cup success: The weekend of June 9th through 11th, Jan raced in the Portland Rose Cup. He had not driven his car since it was "injured" last August. After some last-minute minor repairs Saturday morning, the car performed well, and Jan was quite pleased with his 3rd place finish in Sunday's big race.

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