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Winter 2003

Slam dunk!:  Cameron's basketball team, The Intimidators, finished their season with 7 wins and just 1 loss (a close defeat). (See some "action shots" in Cameron's album.) Go, Cameron!! 

Swoosh!:  During Cameron's mid-winter break, the family drove to Big Mountain, Montana, for a week of skiing. We had two gorgeous days of great snow, no lift lines, and spectacular mountain views, and another day of 8-inch new powder (after which our legs gave out). We also enjoyed the friendliness of people in the small town of Whitefish. (See our travel pages, or for Cameron's perspective, his album.)

Parlez-vous...?:  Cameron took an eight-week after-school French class. "Je m'appelle Cameron."

Happy New Year!:  To celebrate the New Year, the family traveled to the Netherlands. We confirmed that Jan's stories have been true: the Dutch celebrate New Year's much more avidly than Americans do, and Cameron lit off an hour's worth of fireworks, surrounded by every other family in the neighborhood doing the same. (Cameron describes his experience in his album.) We also visited Brussels for a day, although heavy rain and unfortunate timing prevented us from seeing much. 

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