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Winter 2004

Slow days; fast growing:  Daily life in February is slow but not routine. We're not really sure what schedule Sofia will follow each day, but we do know she will eat, fill her diaper, interact for a short while, sleep... and start all over again. She is growing; by the end of her first month [below] she was at least 1 inch longer than her birth height.  However, without plopping her into the produce scale at Safeway like a bag of carrots (a trip to Safeway can easily be the day's highlight), we won't know her weight until we visit the pediatrician at the end of March. We do know that she's filling out her newborn clothes better, although they're still large on her.

We're doing our best to get as much sleep as possible, although when Sofia is napping there's always a dilemma: sleep or do some task we need or want to do.  Often sleep is at the bottom of the priority list.

It's still difficult to say much about her personality, but she is not a difficult baby except when she's pained by diaper filling and occasional gassiness. She "talks" constantly, and her repertoire of noises is growing. She likes to be swaddled when she sleeps, and she enjoys rocking in her swing. She loves to be held, cuddled and swayed, to fall asleep on Papa's chest if given the chance, to nuzzle in Mom's neck, and to gaze into Cameron's face. (See more photos in Sofia's Album.) We are definitely in love!

She's Here!:

Sofia Grace Marianne de Rie

Born January 29, 2004, at 10:19 PM
6 lbs, 12 oz (3,050 grams), 21 inches (51 centimeters)

We are so happy!

Check out Sofia's Album for more photos.

Baby Preparation:  We're getting ready for the arrival of our daughter with both excitement and trepidation.  With a lot of painting and visits to Babies R Us, the baby room is almost complete [below, still missing the glider chair we have on order]. We've taken numerous classes (since Jan's new to all this and Amy's forgotten a lot in 11 years):  labor and birth, infant care and feeding, postpartum care, infant CPR, even a "Dads only" class. Amy's sorted through all Cameron's old clothing and toys. And in a panic that she'll never be able to leave the house again, Amy has even laid in enough personal care supplies and foodstuffs to last for the next 6 months.  We're as ready as we're going to be!

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