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Winter 2005

First sign language: On March 15th, Sofia used her first ASL (American Sign Language) sign, "more." Mommy asked Sofia whether she wanted more toast, pointed to the toast and waited... and Sofia made the sign in return!  (The sign consists of cupping each hand so that the fingers are all bunched together, then turning the hands toward each other and bumping the tips of the fingers together. Sofia pats the back of one hand with the fingers of her other hand.) 

Then on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day), Sofia used the sign unprompted for the first time. She was on the floor, acting cranky, and Papa didn't know what she wanted. Eventually Papa realized that she was making the sign for "more" to mean that she was hungry (which is technically a different sign, but we'll sort that out). Papa put her in the high chair, and she was happy to eat! That night, we all went out to celebrate!

First word: On March 6th, we determined that Sofia was saying her first word, "uh-oh"  (also pronounced by her as "ah-ooh," "ah-oh," and "eh-ho"). It became obvious as word use when she said it consistently while repeatedly dropping a rubber ducky out of the bathtub. Consistent use has continued with other objects dropped (or tossed) to the floor.

First steps:  On President's Day, February 21st, Sofia took her first steps!  She stood up by herself (without the aid of furnituresomething she'd done only a few times before) and took five halting steps toward her toy shelves.  Mommy and Cameron witnessed it, and Papa, who was in the next room, was able to see a few more steps within the hour. Just think of all the millions of steps yet to come...

1-year checkup: Sofia had her 1-year doctor appointment on February 2nd. Dr. Johnson pronounced her healthy and physically and socially on track. She weighed in at 21 pounds 12 ounces (70th percentile), exactly 15 pounds heavier than her birth weight. She is now 30 1/4 inches tall (85th percentile). She received three shots: one for MMR, one for chickenpox, and her second flu shot for the season. The nurse was very quick, and Sofia was fine for about 5 seconds until the realization of pain finally hit her; then she screamed loudly enough to be heard three or four exam rooms away! (The tears were short-lived.)

Chocolate birthday cake!

First birthday: Sofia turned 1 year old Saturday, January 29th. She opened gifts from Holland Saturday morning, played at the Oranjeschool mid-day, and ate her first cake (carrot) Saturday night to end a small family dinner. But the big celebration was Sunday afternoon, when friends and family gathered to celebrate not only Sofia's first year of existence but also Mama and Papa's successful negotiation of all those normal first-year challenges. The chocolate cake was a big hitsuch a wonderful mess on her face!but it's possible that Sofia liked the vanilla ice cream even more. What fun, wat leuk!

Birthday visitors:  Jan's mother, Betty, and sister Lianne arrived January 28th to celebrate Sofia's birthday and stay for a week. Not only did they spend lots of time with Sofia and family, but they also rode the Clipper to Victoria for a day (in beautiful, spring-like weather), spent another day on a loop-drive that included Port Townsend and Fort Gambol, and shopped enough that they had to take an extra suitcase home. Sofia loved their daily attention, and we'll all miss them.

More swingin':  Cameron was asked to join the junior high Jazz Band (which normally requires try-outs) and began swingin' on his trumpet January 3rd.  The band meets four days a week an hour before school begins. This accomplished small band will both provide Cameron with more musical challenges and give him more opportunities to perform. Read more in Cameron's Album.

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