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Winter 2006

Happy Birthday: On January 29th, Sofia turned 2. It's sometimes hard to believe how much time has passed already. She had a fun birthday party with friends and family. She now believes that all birthday cakes are for her, that the Birthday Song is always sung for her, and she'll never again forget what to do with "presents" / "cadeautjes". (She thinks those are all for her, too.)

A-Team: Cameron ended another quarter/semester with straight A's. He worked hard for them, and we are very proud!

An eggplant ear: The weekend of January 14th, Amy, Jan and Sofia traveled to Portland, Ore., to deliver Jan's damaged race car to the mechanic's shop and to spend time with our friends the Williamsons. They took us to a wonderful (if uncomfortably busy) authentic French bakery called St. Honoré Boulangerie (check out the mouthwatering photos on the website), as well as the incomparable Powell's bookstore. As always, David and Jeanne were excellent hosts, who made us feel like royalty. Sofia acclimated pretty well, although she did have one mishap: she tripped and fell, hitting her ear on the edge of their coffee table. Very quickly her ear started to swell and turn an alarming shade of eggplant. Her ear will be fine, but the weekend would have been just as exciting without that trauma!

Less singing, more dancing: On January 12th, Amy sang for the last time (at least in the foreseeable future) with Jazz Etc. She'd been with the vocal ensemble for 9 years, and with such a wonderful group of people, it was a difficult decision to leave. But the amount of time and attention that performing demanded had become too difficult when weighed against the needs for baby care and husband relief. However, to keep music in her lifeand add some exercise at the same timeAmy started a weekly Salsa dance class through Left Foot Swing. This particular class meets at a location that's just 5 minutes from the house, so it's ideal. Now if Jan will just get out a little bit...

Merry Christmas / Gelukkig Kerstmis

Happy New Year / Gelukkig Nieuwe Jaar!

from Amy, Sofia, Cameron and Jan

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