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Sofia went back to school on January 2rd after a well deserved vacation. She had straight As again on her report card in the Highly Capable Children program.

Jan and Huyen went on a memorable trip to Hong Kong and Dubai in January.

Sofia had her 14th birthday in January, congratulations Sofia! She had a fun birthday party at the "Escape Room" in Seattle:


Huyen accepted a position as project lead for a Public Health research project and had to fly twice to Vietnam, early February and early March, to meet her team.

Huyen, Sofia and Jan did a Mexican Cruise during Sofia's mid-winter break from school:

Jan went to Italy to visit his second cousin for the first time. We share the same great-grandfather:

Sofia earned another belt at her Jiu-Jitsu school:

Sofia did several plays at school again this year:

Sofia finished her Middle School at Canyon Park Middle School with straight A's, again. Congratulations Sofia on a job well done! We're all very proud of you.

This summer Sofia acted as a Junior Leader in Training at the Evergreen School again. Sofia and Jan visited our family in The Netherlands, we all attended a great party in Portland at our friends Dave and Jeanne. Then, Sofia and Jan went two days camping in the Cascades where there were too many bugs!

After too much travel (trips to Spain, Maui, Japan, The Netherlands and Argentina in 4 months), Huyen and Jan will be staying home for 6 weeks.

End of summer already! Sofia will start attending Bothell High School in September 2018.


Sofia went back to school on January 3rd after a well deserved vacation. She had straight As on her report card in the Highly Capable Children program.

On January 10, Jan departed for his highly anticipated "Around the world in an A380" trip, visiting Sydney, Abu Dhabi/Dubai and New York. He flew LAX-ICN-SYD in an A380 on Korean Air (Business) and MEL-AUH and AUH-JFK in an A380 on Etihad (First Apartments). He then flew JFK-YVR on Cathay Pacific in a 777 (First Class). Other segments were SEA-LAX, SYD-MEL and YVR-SEA.
In Sydney, visited his long time friends Wiebe & Bea and explored the city for 4 days. He was almost 48 hours in Abu Dhabi/Dubai and about 12 hours in New York.

Happy Birthday, Sofia. She is now 13 years old. Sofia had a lovely "Lasertag" birthday party in March:

Happy Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. We visited the Pagoda in Lynnwood and are having a Tet party on Saturday, Feb.4

Sofia started taking Jiu-Jitsu classes this year and earned her first stripe:

Jan and Huyen attented a concert of Thomas Anders in Bellevue in March. This German guy was part of a group called "Modern Talking" and is very popular in Europe and Asia.

On April 15, we attended a concert by Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits at Snoqualmie Casino. Back to my roots :)

Minh is officially registered at Western Washington University in Bellingham where he'll start this coming September as a freshman.

in July Jan & Sofia went on a camping trip to Astoria, OR. Fun but cold!

The first weekend of August, we all went on a 1 day camping to an area along Hwy 2. Fun but lots of bugs.

In early August, Jan & Sofia flew to Arizona to meet Jan's sister Annemiek. Annemiek and her husband Peter were doing Route 66, from Chicago to LA by car and we met them in Flagstaff.

Jan, Huyen and Minh visited Vietnam for about 2.5 weeks during the month of August. It was really nice to meet Huyen's 3 sisters and their family. Jan can even count 1-10 in Vietnamese now.

Sofia went back to school as an 8th grader in early September. Her school, Canyon Park, is now a middle school and this will be Sofia's last year at that school. Next year: High School. Minh left for Western Washington University in Bellingham.

Jan flew to The Netherland the last week of September to check up on his family while Huyen participated in another Miss Vietnam Global event at that time, in LA. In October Jan and Huyen visited Milan and Rome, followed by a trip to Tahiti/Moorea in December.

We had a few fun parties and dinners with friends. Thank you.


Sofia and Minh went flying at iFly Seattle on Sunday, January 17.

Sofia had a bunny birthday party on Sunday, January 30. About 11 class mates celebrated with her and they really enjoyed the visit of about 15 sweet bunnies.

For the mid-winter break, all four of us went to Houston and the Texas coast

Sofia attended a school "glow dance" which was a lot of fun.

It's official: Sofia will be attending the AAP program at Canyon Park Jr. High next school year. Congratulations Sofia.

During Spring Break, Jan, Huyen and Minh (Sofia was with her mother) made a lovely visit to Portland, OR. Thanks David & Jeanne for the great dinner party.

The first weekend of June gave us gorgeous weather in Seattle and we enjoyed BBQing on our new deck.

At the end of June, Jan and Huyen had an unexpected week off (both kids gone) and we used the occasion to visit romantic Paris. It was wonderful. Flying Air Transat was a new adventure.

In July, the four of us flew to The Netherlands for our annual leave (3 weeks this year) in Delta One Business Class thanks to Jan's hobby. Jan also saw his friend Wiebe several times, including the last night we spent in Haarlem where Wiebe lives most of the year.

In August, Jan and Huyen visited Portland for a few days while Minh is camping and Sofia is with her mom. We had a great time with Jan's old friends.

The day after Labor Day, Sofia started Jr. High School at Canyon Park Junior High, still in the Highly Capable Children Program. Because this is also our neighborhood school, Sofia can now take the school bus home in the afternoon.

In October, Huyen participated in the Mrs. Vietnam Globe competition.

The week before Christmas, all 4 of us had a 3 day mini-vacation in Portland, staying at the Crown Plaza hotel. We visited friends, drove to the Oregon Coast (so beautiful), visited the Tillamook factory and did some shopping. It was all very pleasant.

On Christmas Eve, Huyen participated in a Fashion Show at Muckleshoot Casino. We did some dancing afterwards and had a great time. Too bad there is so much smoke in the casino; apparently, Washington State laws don't apply there.

As usual, Sofia came over for 2nd Christmas day and we all opened our Christmas presents that day. It was also Oma's birthday; she is 85 now. Go Oma! At least another 10 years.


Sofia went back to school on January 5th, quite the challenge after a long winterbreak. Back to the routine for a while.

On January 29 Sofia had her birthday. She is now 11 years young. She had a celebration at her dad's with some friends, as well as a party with girls from school at her mom's.

Sofia had passed the Iowa test for the North Shore HiCap program earlier and on January 31 she took the CogAT test. Results are expected mid March.

Shortly after that, on Friday February 13 (off all dates!), Jan and Sofia flew to Houston (with stops in Portland and Salt Lake City) where they went on a 5 day cruise to Mexico. Sofia had her first "first class" experience, though just domestic flights.

On Tuesday, March 10, Sofia's cousin Marielle had a baby girl called Iva.

Great news: Sofia passed the CogAT test and was invited to the full-time Highly Capable Children program at Shelton View, close to our house. Congratulations Sofia, we are so proud of you. Sofia also got a 1st Honors Award again and won a Math contest at her school. She is one smart kid!

More great news: now that Sofia's school for next year has been settled, we could finally start looking for a nicer place to live and we found our dream home almost immediately:

The sale closed on April 29 and we're already packing!

Shortly after our move to the new house, Jan and Sofia left for their annual leave to The Netherlands. We spent 2 weeks in Spain with Opa Jan, who is very sick, and about 5 weeks in The Netherlands. The weather in The Netherlands was mostly very bad. We stayed at campsites and the beach, hoping that Sofia could play with other kids outside but these plan were completely ruined. Next year we'll be going just 3 weeks.

In early September Sofia started her new school. She is in the EAP program at Shelton View and was very excited to meet all her new classmates. The experience so far is very good.

On Labor Day this year we heard the sad but not unexpected news: Jan's dad passed away in Spain. Jan had to travel to Spain on a few hours notice and had an adventurous trip because of the Lufthansa strike that same week. However he arrived in time for the funeral.

Living in the new house is wonderful, especially now that Huyen and Minh are here too.

Jan got a parking ticket in Seattle but requested a mitigation hearing and got off with a warning!

Huyen and Jan took a Swing 1 dance class at Left Foot Boogie (5 Wednesdays).

On December 5th, we celebrated our annual Sinterklaas event with Sofia.

On December 12 and 13, Jan and Huyen attended a workshop with John and Julie Gottman: "The Art and Science of Love"

Sofia came to visit us on December 26th for our Christmas Celebration. There were lots of presents for everyone.

On New Years Eve, Huyen, Minh and Jan went to Queen Ann to watch the Space Needle fireworks.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



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